Lessons in education

Lessons in Education

Inger Nordheden (2018) Translated by Roger Brett

In 1920 when the French educator Celestin Freinet was retained in the little village of Bar-sur-Loup in the south of France it was to mark the beginning of a wide-ranging international pedagogical movement today in France alone can count 50.000 members.

The aim of Freinet´s Modern School Movement as it is known worldwide is to produce critical , independently thinking pupils with strong identities.    who realize themselves manually, artistically and psychologically through the daily work in the classroom as well as the school´s collective community.

Internationally Celestin Freinet is one of the great pioneers in modern education. Promoting an active, pupil focused, working school.

Lessons in Education is the compilation of two of Freinet´s works, one from the end of the 1940´s and the other from 1964.

For the readers who are perhaps becoming acquainted with Freinet for the first time might find that many of the proposed reforms from school debates in many different countries formulated here. However Freinet´s thoughts reach further, here you will find the answers to many of today´s school problems gained through a rich practical experience as a teacher on the classroom floor according to the following the principle:

…the only knowledge which is capable of influencing an individual´s actions is the knowledge they have gained for themselves.