Adventures in education

Adventures in education

Inger Nordheden (2011)

Translation by Roger Brett from the book ”Det trevande försöket”

Förlag Kastanjen

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Celestin Freinet (1896-1966) developed his teaching method just after the end of the first world war. It is a pedagogy that is equally relevant today as it was  back then. His point of departure  was and is, that the children can take responisbility for their own learning processes. Furthermore, that they are able to plan their own studies and indeed attain the goals that they have set for themselves during a working week or term. He said that the environment surrounding the children and young people must be designed in harmony with the neighbouring community. He emphasised that children need things to climb and skylark about on, they need acessible allotments to grow things on and that young people need to expand their horizons and become involved with other children in the world.